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Stories and interviews

Discover exciting stories about our projects and the people involved.

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We build

Discover how HOCHTIEF is building the world of tomorrow—in today’s major cities.

We build Berlin

Berlin is the capital of metamorphosis. The metropolis has been changing over the decades like scarcely another in this world. HOCHTIEF is helping to shape this constant change—and is hence ensuring a cityscape full of exciting contrasts.

We build Hamburg

Hamburg, one of Germany’s most livable cities, is further striving for perfection. HOCHTIEF is accompanying the Hanseatic city on its way, with architectural highlights and engineering masterpieces.

We build New York

New York is the city of superlatives. For decades, the HOCHTIEF subsidiary Turner has been mastering the most spectacular projects here—often under breathtaking conditions.

We build Sydney

Sydney is booming—and must face up to the challenges of its huge appeal and attraction. With the support of HOCHTIEF’s subsidiary CIMIC, the infrastructure of the metropolis is being prepared for the future.

We build Prague

Prague has a unique cityscape. Here, buildings from the most wonderful style epochs are combined in one city. HOCHTIEF is bringing a new shine to these architectural masterpieces, and at the same time making the city on the River Vltava fit for the future.

PPP stories

With public-private partnership activities (PPP), we quickly and efficiently refurbish public infrastructure. Read more about PPP and our aspirations for sustainable profitability and quality.

Built-up problems and their solutions

How HOCHTIEF overcomes the investment bottleneck through PPP.

This is how PPP functions

On our page about "PPP and Concessions” you find out why all participants of public-private partnership benefit.


What is it like to work for us? It would be best if you got an idea of this yourself. We will take you with us to the world of HOCHTIEF and show you what you can expect.

Major group or young company—what is the right way to start a career?

“Welcome to HOCHTIEF”—this is the start to our trainees’ first day

HOCHTIEF and sustainability: “We need plenty of dedication”

HOCHTIEF and the digital construction site: “We are looking for idea hunters”

Door to door, hand in hand—how engineers and commercial managers cooperate at HOCHTIEF

Free to learn and make mistakes—How HOCHTIEF supports career starters

Interviews on sustainability

Interviews with HOCHTIEF’s management and experts for Corporate Responsibility on key topics of sustainable economic management.

“It can't be a matter of technology and profitability alone”

What type of impact do major infrastructure projects have? What can be done to ensure such projects gain acceptance? Prof. Manfred Moldaschl about a HOCHTIEF project with Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen.

Sustainability along the HOCHTIEF supply chain

The procurement of material and subcontractor services plays an important role for HOCHTIEF. In light of this, effective procurement processes are of great significance for the Group’s success. Sustainability criteria and transparency along the supply chain are becoming increasingly important too.

Sustainable Development Goals and their importance at HOCHTIEF

“Sustainability is a growth driver in competition”

“Sustainable practice means preserving values, creating values, and increasing values”

On the combined reporting at HOCHTIEF