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From written application to job interview

Application tips

We would like your application process to be as trouble-free and, above all, as successful as possible. That’s why we are providing appropriate tips for you here. Here you can find out what application documents we require, how these documents should be prepared and what information we are particularly interested in. Furthermore, you should feel comfortable during the application process. That’s why we would like to create an atmosphere full of trust and provide you with some information in advance before our personal acquaintance.

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Written application

This ensures your documents are complete

Arouse our interest with your written application

If you would like to send us a letter, use it to awaken our curiosity regarding why you want to work at our company and what your merits are. This doesn’t just mean your specialist qualifications and possible previous experience but also your personality. We are interested in the person behind the application.

Formally your letter should have your address, contact data, the current date, a subject heading citing the job you are applying for, the date when you would like to start and the location where you want to work. Address the letter to the contact person of the job offer. If you apply for a job outside Germany, please write your letter in English.

A letter is not always necessary. In our job offers you find a reference to this—we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

This characterizes you: Your curriculum vitae

To find out whether we suit each other, we are interested in your school education, professional career and your interests. We can best find out all that in your curriculum vitae. For this purpose, structure your tabular curriculum vitae with a clear overview and provide your personal data and qualifications. This includes your school and college education and—if applicable—professional training, any possible time spent in community service or the armed forces, time spent studying and qualifications, internships and professional experiences, but also additional qualifications, non-professional activities such as voluntary work.

In your explanation of your professional activities, please use bullet points in each case to highlight what your most important tasks were. If you apply for a job outside Germany, please write your curriculum vitae in English.

Round off the application with your references and certificates

For the application for a trainee position or a school student internship we require your school certificates for the last three half-years. Please also send us any possible internship references and employers’ references falls if you have already completed an internship or have started or completed a training course. If you have interrupted your training, you can still apply to us, but in your application please explain why you have not completed your training.

If you apply for an internship or a working student activity, please enclose your certificate documenting general entrance qualification for university or university of applied sciences, any possible work or internship references as well as an overview of studies you have participated in up to now, as well as possible language courses or voluntary work. After all, your interests are important to us as well as your studies. If you send us foreign education certificates with point awarding systems that differ from standard German ones, please enclose an explanation of the respective system.

If you apply to us as a university graduate, in addition to the cited certificates we also require your university graduation certificate or an overview of your grades, if you have not yet received your graduation certificate.

If you apply for a position at our company which requires professional experience, please send us qualified work references from your previous employer and any other relevant references.

The good stories remain. That’s what is so pleasant about joint construction projects.

Olaf Schottke, commercial specialist

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Before the job interview

How to prepare yourself

We would like to get to know you! That means we were impressed by your application and we are looking forward to learning more about you. Before our interview we take another very close look at your documents and prepare ourselves for the conversation together with you.

You should also put us to the test: Take a look at our website and in our social media. Prepare the questions which you want to ask us. In this way you automatically prepare yourself for our interview, and it will also be easy for you to answer our questions.

These are the questions we might ask you:

  • Why did you choose your course of studies?
  • What interested you in your training?
  • Why are you in particular applying to us? What impresses you about our Group?
  • What qualifies you for the advertised job?
  • What three characteristics would you attribute to a good friend?
  • What is important for you in your working environment?
  • What particular challenges have you had to face in your professional life up to now?
  • Is there a project which, in retrospect, you would have dealt with differently? If yes, why?
  • What perspectives do you expect when you join us or switch to our company?


During the job interview

We would like to know more about you

A job interview can be a challenging situation. You should nevertheless attempt to just be yourself and try to relax. We would like to talk to you in a pleasant and easygoing atmosphere and get to know you as a person. This will enable us to find out if we have the same chemistry and what we can achieve together.

During the interview, you do not need to present your documents again—we already know them. You also don’t have to pass a verbal examination. Tell us more about your professional experiences and about specific projects you have implemented. Talk about your personal interests and passions. We are eager to find out what you have to tell us and we look forward to the conversation.


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