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We have experienced a lot in 150 years of HOCHTIEF. Some met the Queen of England, others a hippopotamus, a snake or Willy Brandt. Many have experienced special and very human stories, battled storms and ice. We look back and forward. And we report on a spirit that defines us: the founding spirit.

HOCHTIEF Corporate movie 2023

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How we always manage to make the almost impossible possible, say Helfman's heirs:

A world full of daring.

The world of our projects is sometimes full of secrets. We reveal a few of them here:

A world full of surprises.

Yesterday topless, today with a tablet on the construction site: our everyday life is diverse and constantly changing:

A world full of characters.

From Afghanistan to Central Africa - our projects shape many places on the planet:

A world full of opportunities.

We can also do things differently - for example, drawing:

From building to artwork.

What "happened" since our 150th birthday

2073 - Looking back from the future