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Dream professions for technology enthusiasts

Technical jobs requiring formal training

Is technology just your thing? Would you like to learn a profession where you work with modern technology and can implement your own ideas? Then apply for a training course and start your professional career with us.

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Do you have precision vision and enjoy drawing? Do you have good grades in mathematics, physics and or technology? If so, then a training course to become a draftsperson is just right for you. Using CAD software (Computer Aided-Design), you prepare scale drawings and design components. You are trained in our design and engineering departments and participate in intercorporate continuing education measures.

For this training, you require entrance qualifications for university or university of applied sciences. You will find all other requirements and contents of the skilled profession in the job offer of our job search.

A day in the life of Vanessa Fiebig, Apprentice draftswoman

Doing her thing: Vanessa Fiebig, deaf

Vanessa Fiebig is one of many junior employees at HOCHTIEF. She enjoys working on the computer and drawing in her free time. So for her, nothing was more obvious than to train as a draftswoman at HOCHTIEF. “I listened to my gut feeling,” she says. So far, so commonplace. One characteristic sets her apart from many others. Vanessa Fiebig is deaf. The film shows how she manages to cope with everyday life in the office and on the construction site.

Surveying technician 

Trust is good, surveying is better. As a surveying technician, you survey location and heights. In the team, you peg out the markings for planned structures and evaluate these in the office. You work precisely and exactly, on the construction site or in the office, and in doing so use state-of-the-art laser technology and GPS. If you have good grades in mathematics and natural sciences as well as good visual thinking, there is nothing to stop you beginning your professional career as a surveying technician.

For this training, you require entrance qualifications for technical secondary school, university or university of applied sciences. You will find all other requirements and contents for the skilled profession in the job offer of our job search.

Application tips

We would like your application process to be as trouble-free and, above all, as successful as possible. That’s why we are providing appropriate tips for you here.

  • Letter

    Your letter should have your address, contact data, the current date, a subject heading citing the job you are applying for, the date when you would like to start and the location where you want to work. Address the letter to the contact person of the job offer.

  • Curriculum vitae

    To find out whether we suit each other, we are interested in your school education, professional career and your interests. We can best find out all that in your curriculum vitae. For this purpose, structure your tabular curriculum vitae with a clear overview and provide your personal data and qualifications.

  • Job interview

    A job interview can be a challenging situation. You should nevertheless attempt to just be yourself and try to relax. We would like to talk to you in a pleasant and easygoing atmosphere and get to know you as a person. During the interview, you do not need to present your documents again—we already know them. You also don’t have to pass a verbal examination.

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Application process

From online application right through to the first working day: This illustrates the seven steps of our application process.

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