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“Welcome to HOCHTIEF”

This is the start to our trainees’ first day

The step to begin professional life marks an important new chapter in people’s lives and often makes their hearts beat faster. Our trainers therefore have plenty of ideas on how to make things really special for trainees on their first day.

Michelle Bendzulla (l.) and Nadine Bertlich

The start of a joint journey

Trainee Michelle Bendzulla can well remember her first day at HOCHTIEF. The future industrial management assistant already got organized with others in the previously founded WhatsApp group, in order to go together to the meeting room: “I was absolutely delighted to be able to finally personally get to know the other trainees.”

Every year on August 1 in Essen the trainees of HOCHTIEF companies experience the first encounters in their new chapter of life. Nadine Bertlich, responsible for commercial training professions at HOCHTIEF Solutions, then also takes her new mentees under her “wings”. She also carried out her training at HOCHTIEF, and knows how the young people feel. Therefore, on the first day things should above all be relaxed. Nadine Bertlich has plenty of ideas to help people get to know each other. This helps to rapidly dispel any initial nervousness and excitement amongst newcomers. On this day, the trainees also personally get to know their respective mentors: During the first days and weeks, trainees from previous years provide practical tips.

Support beyond the first day

The contacts which trainees make with each other and with their mentors and trainers last way beyond the first day. The WhatsApp groups also continue, simply for practical reasons. “Here one person is already able to explain what block instruction meansor what teacher we have. For this purpose, we naturally exchange information with each other,” reports Michelle Bendzulla. Insights into the departments which the trainees visit are also exchanged with each other.

Trainees from HOCHTIEF stick together

“This exchange is important, particularly in a major group like HOCHTIEF,” explains Bertlich. “There you find out what the customs are in the departments, what goes on there and what tasks you will face.” And naturally the networking is valuable for the time after the training. “Then you always know: Oh yes, this person was with me in the training year, so I can simply phone and ask them,” explains the HR officer from her own experience.

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