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The project of my life

What is the fascination? What drives us? The projects we show here have presented our teams with special challenges. Many things turned out differently, some things went wrong. Always getting back up again. Because a solution can be found for every problem—often after hard work.

Carved in stone

It probably was the most impressive relocation in the history of humankind—and HOCHTIEF concerted it half a century ago. The rescue of the Abu Simbel temple complex was of gigantic dimensions and developed into a race against time. For Hans-Michael Treiber it was “the project of my life”.

As Heidi Drills Her Way...

... through the mountain Jürgen Mielenz experiences some of the most exciting and intense moments of his working life. When it comes to the Gotthard Tunnel, Mielenz has his own particular type of tunnel vision. He sees himself standing in the rock cave illuminated by fluorescent lamps, the soil rough underfoot, looking up to the roof that was blasted free 15 meters above, and thinks: There are another 2,000 meters of rock on top of it. It’s hard to imagine.