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This is how HOCHTIEF is perceived

Image and reputation

How do outsiders see HOCHTIEF? Clearly positive!

This is one result of the image and reputation analysis that HOCHTIEF again commissioned from an independent market research institute in 2022. 93 percent of those surveyed described the Group's image as good to excellent.

HOCHTIEF's good reputation is based above all on values such as tradition and consistency. In addition, the Group is valued for the products and services it provides and for its reliability. HOCHTIEF is associated with competence, internationality and financial strength-and, according to the respondents, creates added value for society.

HOCHTIEF Image and Reputation Study 2022

Image and reputation study 2022

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HOCHTIEF is “Brand of the Century”

In the compendium “German standards—brands of the century”, HOCHTIEF is honored as “Brand of the Century 2022”. A total of 200 companies across all industries received this renowned award.

It is granted to brands that, as “icons of German business”, are prime examples of a product category. The editorial team evaluated the HOCHTIEF infrastructure group as exemplary for the construction industry.