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A world full of daring

Two brothers with a pioneering spirit founded HOCHTIEF: Balthasar and Philipp Helfmann. The company was able to develop so successfully over the long term because they were succeeded by many founders who also made the almost impossible possible with energy, inventiveness and vision.

Sailing on the wind

“When everyone knows their tasks, you can achieve lofty goals,” finds Lawrence Jackson, an avid sailor anchored in England.


“Every new project is like setting up a company,” says Jan Felgendreher, our boss on the A1 bridge in Leverkusen.

Assume responsibility

In Sydney, Emily Lockey is building a highway. For her, it is crucial that her employees take responsibility.

Outside the box

Maximilian von Wedel won the HOCHTIEF Ideas Competition with his proposal to use exoskeletons on construction sites. Now it's time to put it into practice.

New territory

“No project has required more entrepreneurial spirit than the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, ” says Beate Cornils. “We were willing to do things for the first time.”

Against resistance

Digital building: What others thought was a toy, René Schumann has developed into a forward-looking tool.