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A world full of characters

Up in the air

If you want to get up high during construction, you'd better be free of giddiness and have strong neck muscles. Facilitates the view.

What does not fit...

... is made to fit. We fill the title of a German movie with life every day.

In the office

Even with punched cards, telex and mechanical typewriter we have realized megabuildings. Today we are “a little” further.

Safety first

Safety is always a priority on our construction sites - different standards apply today than decades ago...


There are many sides to training with us - and so is our way of attracting young talent.

To the top

When we built the Zugspitzbahn in Germany in the 1920s, people with a particularly strong character and courage were in demand.

To the point

Sometimes we must take it very precisely - and prefer to measure once more so that everything fits in the end.

Learned again

Tricky projects like the Lech dam in Bavaria have demanded a lot from us. And we are also constantly learning.

Simply proud

Even if we sometimes flounder on projects—we are proud when it is done.

Crocodiles on site

Just about every project has to deal with unexpected obstacles—ice, snow, rain, mud are part of everyday life. We encounter crocodiles less frequently.

Celebrating like in Formula 1

There are great moments in construction, great—and unique. When we achieve a breakthrough in tunnel construction, we can also celebrate in style.

Under pressure

Our concrete must deliver what we expect of it. That's why we measure precisely and apply pressure.