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A world full of opportunities

On everyone's lips

The rescue of the 3,000-year-old temple complex of Abu Simbel makes HOCHTIEF famous worldwide.

Ready for takeoff

From Jeddah via Düsseldorf to Los Angeles - HOCHTIEF engineers have done a great job at airports all over the world.

Night shift

Sometimes it is necessary to work in the middle of the night. It'ss exhausting, but looks interesting.

Trip to the Sultanate of Oman

For a project in the Middle East in the 70s, we sent a ship with construction machinery on a voyage.

Office work below, demolition above

Can a high-rise building be demolished while people continue to work at desks? We showed how this can be done in a project for Thyssen AG.

Airport in the desert

During the turnkey construction of Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia, we even had to cool the water for the concrete.

Off to the desert

It takes a lot to set up a construction site in the desert. Eventually, the project is finished—and even the water is gushing.

With donkeys in Afghanistan

During the construction of a power plant in the mountains we had to fight 45 degrees in the shade. However, there was no shade.

Walking on water

Whether in Canada, Northern Europe, Turkey, Sauerland or anywhere else in the world - our bridges connect.

Hippos in Togo

We had to contend with numerous obstacles during the construction of the Nangbeto hydropower plant in Africa.

Premiere abroad

The year is 1899 - and HOCHTIEF is awarded its first major contract abroad: in Genoa, Italy.

Bridge between two continents

Who can say that they have connected two continents? With the bridge over the Bosporus, we have succeeded. We are also making a difference underground.

Speed for Taiwan

Almost as fast as flying - for the 345 kilometers of high-speed rail line on Taiwan, the fastest trains need 96 minutes only.

The first skyscraper

When we started building the 256-meter high Messeturm in Frankfurt in 1988, the message was clear: "America is coming to Europe."