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José Luis del Valle Pérez

Born: December 13, 1950 in Madrid, Spain
Citizenship: Spanish
Current occupation: Member, Director and Secretary of the Board of ACS, Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, S.A., and General Secretary of the ACS Group, Madrid
Supervisory Board


Curriculum Vitae

(As of December 31, 2022)

Graduated in law in 1971; State Counsel (Abogado del Estado) in 1974; member of the Bar Association of Madrid since 1976

As State' Counsel he performed his duties in the Delegations of the Ministry of Finance and the Courts of Burgos and of Toledo and in the Legal Departments of the Ministry of Health and of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

From 1977 to 1981, Director of the Legal Department of political party UCD.

From 1979 to 1982, Member of the Parliament (Congreso de los Diputados) of Spain.

From 1981 to 1982, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration.

Since 1983 Director and/or legal advisor in many Spanish companies, such as Banesto (today a subsidiary of Banco Santander), Continental Industrias del Caucho (a subsidiary of the German company Continental AG), Fococafé, Continental Hispánica (a subsidiary of the American company Continental Grain Inc) etc.

Since 1989, Director of ACS Actividades de Construcción y Servicios SA (head of ACS Group) and currently Director and General Secretary of the ACS Group and Secretary and/or Director of its main subsidiaries and Director in different affiliates.

From 1983 to 2003, lawyer in the law firm García Diez, Bustelo and Del Valle

José Luis del Valle Pérez has been Supervisory Board Member of HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft since May 12, 2011

Elected until 2026

Membership in other supervisory boards prescribed by law (as of December 31, 2022): -

Membership in comparable domestic and international corporate governing bodies (as of December 31, 2022):

  • Abertis Infraestructuras, S.A.
  • ACS Servicios y Concesiones, S.L.1)
  • CIMIC Group Limited1)
  • Dragados, S.A.1)

1) office with the same corporate group
2) listed company