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This is what the station's new magic clock will look like one day.
This is what the station's new magic clock will look like one day.

Art spaces

The artworks were selected by the Danish Art Foundation on the basis of an ideas competition with ten artists. In this way, each station is given its own distinctive design: sometimes they are high-tech light installations, sometimes mega-sculptures or mythological murals surprise commuters and travelers. Elsewhere, classic Metro fixtures such as waste garbage cans, information screens, ticket readers and clocks are integrated into the art. A highlight will certainly be Ny Ellebjerg station, where a geocentric astronomical clock will be used to display the current position of several celestial bodies above the station at any given time.

"The traditional round clock as we know it is a predictable station feature," creator Henrik Plenge Jakobsen points out. "With this piece, this metro station gets a new, magical clock that goes beyond our daily routine. A clock that points to eternity, that sends the viewer a greeting from outer space."  

(Above) Earth one can already experience art of a very different kind during the construction phase: 'Cool Construction' is the name of the initiative that wants to make Copenhagen a better place during the construction of the metro and, to this end, is turning the construction fences in the city into temporary galleries. Pictures by a wide variety of artists will be hung there for residents and passers-by to enjoy.