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Gateway WA, Perth, Australia

A safer and more efficient road network serving the Perth Airport and local freight and industrial hubs in Western Australia, was completed in 2016, and demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability. Wherever possible, measures were undertaken to conserve vegetation and trees, to protect the habitat of native flora and fauna as well as to manage waste and preserve materials for recycling. In 2016, that won it a national Earth Award for projects with a value of more than 75 million Australian dollars. The project also received the second highest ranking of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) for completed infrastructure construction projects. 


  • Expansion of a seven-kilometer-long section of the Tonkin Highway to six lanes 
  • Construction of five new intersection-free junctions 
  • Resettlement of animals found in the project area, including 120 endangered bandicoots 
  • Breeding and planting more than 2,300 rare plants 
  • Involvement of members of the local Aboriginal community, in order to promote recognition of the cultural heritage through public art