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Data centers

“There’s an app for that” has become a common phrase, whether you want to turn up the heat at home, go shopping while on the road or buy a travel ticket. Associated data is stored and processed in a cloud.

Digitalization concerns almost all areas of life. As a result, more and bigger data centers—big buildings with complex technical systems—are needed all over the world.

The demand for data centers with their endless rows of servers is booming worldwide. According to the market research firm IMARC, global investment in data centers will increase from 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 to 111 billion U.S. dollars in 2027. Demand is driven by such companies as Amazon, Alphabet (Google), and Meta (Facebook), as well as by companies across all industries who have a need to house data. In the USA, the HOCHTIEF subsidiary Turner has built numerous data centers for tech giants and companies of all sizes. A dedicated team of 1,000 specialists handles further U.S. projects currently being realized by Turner.

In Europe, HOCHTIEF has teamed up with the infrastructure investor to build and operate sustainable data centers in Germany. The first such project has recently started near Essen.

Our Australian subsidiary CIMIC is also building a data center for an international technology company at the moment.