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Issue 2/2020:

Acting sustainably is more important today than ever. This also applies within the HOCHTIEF Group. Digitalization and new planning methods are therefore supporting sustainable action of the Group that in this way once again proves how seriously it takes this subject. Necessary data are gathered and evaluated in order to be able to build more sustainably and to go easy on resources. How processes are made measurable and which data are gathered how and why is shown in project examples from Europe and the USA: “Measuring—Knowing—Acting.”


It’s a very special thing indeed to build places where new life begins and that are dedicated to saving lives. That’s why hospital projects are different. Everyone who is involved agrees on that. Many of them stay faithful to their professional specialty throughout their working lives. But what makes these highly technical buildings, which are charged with many emotions, so unique? Is it because the project works are carried out while the hospitals are in operation? Or is it the extreme complexity that characterizes these buildings? You can find the answers in the story on “High-tech hospitals.”

Future owners and tenants increasingly want to get actively involved in the creation of their new domicile’s individual design. No matter whether it’s a stylish condominium, an office property or a bar. HOCHTIEF fulfills the wishes of its clients, turning them into reality on a timely basis from the very idea and first contact through to completion and handover of the keys. HOCHTIEF even has a special department to serve them. The so-called tenant fit-out is a link between owners and client, and between landlords and tenants.

In the digital version of our client magazine concepts by HOCHTIEF you will not only find all topics of the magazine, but also additional online-exclusive material.

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