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SDG Procurement


During the purchasing of materials and services, the subjects of sustainability and transparency are of central importance for the HOCHTIEF Group and are firmly anchored in our processes. Given our great procurement volumes in the Group, we are aware that we also have to apply high-level requirements to the shaping of our purchasing processes and thus eventually also to the selection of our business partners.

Economic, ecological and social principles are the cornerstone of the HOCHTIEF Group’s business. As a globally operating company, HOCHTIEF—in line with high management standards and principles—complies with regional laws and regulations as well as local business practices, and often applies even stricter rules than these.

These principles are defined in our Procurement Directive. In consistent language, with binding rules and tested processes minimized in terms of risk, we describe in this directive our most important values, responsibilities and rules of conduct for all HOCHTIEF employees who are involved in the purchasing process.

HOCHTIEF places the same high requirements on its subcontractors and suppliers. HOCHTIEF only cooperates with partners who observe these requirements and also ensure adherence by their own subcontractors and suppliers. We have formulated our ecological and social requirements in our HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Our objective:

As a partner to subcontractors, we aim to redouble our efforts to ensure fair, transparent procurement processes and further step up purchases of sustainable products and materials.

Project examples of sustainability in Procurement


Key figures Procurement

Key figures Procurement