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Edition 02/2018: concepts shows the future of construction

Join us on an exciting project trip, which you can, of course, also undertake online. The digital edition of “concepts by HOCHTIEF“ is now available at It contains all magazine topics and other exclusive content. For example: rescue at sea during bridge construction–why a Marine Rescue Team patrols the Canadian St. Lawrence River.

There are construction projects that are quite controversial in their planning and implementation. Large infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads, or tunnels are among them. Once they have been completed, however, they quickly take a firm place in our daily lives: as transport routes or connecting elements between countries and regions. HOCHTIEF was involved in the construction of many of such projects. These include the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, the Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel, and the Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia. Find out in concepts what distinguishes these objects to this day and what social effects they have.

Already now, not only machines play an important role in the construction industry, but increasingly also digital technologies. More and more special components come from the 3D printer. Drones are used to measure construction sites autonomously. A new era of construction has begun. Concepts shows how HOCHTIEF is helping to shape the new era.

Are they just brutal or simply beautiful? The monumental buildings that were erected in Germany from the 1950s to the mid-1970s divide the minds. The European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 now focuses on post-war concrete architecture. HOCHTIEF built many of these structures at the time. Today, the company is also committed to their modernization.

You can also dive in without diving in the latest issue of concepts. The magazine takes you to the shark pool of the exhibition "Ocean Wonders: Sharks!“ It is shown in the New York Aquarium, which is operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society and was built by Turner Construction.

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