Strategy Toward the future. With solutions from HOCHTIEF.

Activities across the HOCHTIEF Group are bound to and guided by our vision: “HOCHTIEF is building the world of tomorrow.”

HOCHTIEF has established its position as an infrastructure construction group and pursues its goal of advancing in this market to become the industry’s most relevant global provider. The cornerstone for this is sustained cash-based growth. We maintain a rigorous focus on economic, ecological, and social aspects in our work, recognizing that long term success is driven by the interplay of these factors.

HOCHTIEF is a tradition-rich company with over 140 years of experience in its core business of construction. Our capabilities span all activities in construction, public-private partnership (PPP), engineering, mining, and services. We deliver those capabilities across all continents, with a clear focus on attractive markets. Our project management and engineering expertise gives us a leading market and technology edge in our segments.

Five guiding principles represent our Group’s values: Integrity, accountability, innovation, delivery, and sustainability, underpinned by the precondition of safety. It is on the basis of these values that our highly capable workforce builds HOCHTIEF’s success. This is why we make human resources management a top priority across all Group companies.