HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct and directives

Code of Conduct The publication of a Code of Conduct has always been a tradition for HOCHTIEF. We published our Compliance Requirements in such a Code in 2002 and have continuously developed them since. Today, in the form of the HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct, it has been laid down as binding for HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft and the HOCHTIEF Europe division. The HOCHTIEF Americas and HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific divisions have adopted these standards into their respective Codes of Conduct. Available in 13 languages, the HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct stipulates binding rules for all employees on dealing with antitrust issues, business partners, and conflicts of interest.

It specifies what constitutes bribery or corruption, the rules on donations and sponsorship, and how to handle information relating to insider knowledge, confidentiality, or data privacy. It addresses topics such as health, safety, and environmental protection; company assets including the documentation of transactions, dealing with company-owned property and assets, and insider rules; and principles of social responsibility such as respecting human dignity, rejecting child labor and forced labor, equal opportunities and bans on discrimination, the right to organize, and the right to collective bargaining.

The document is supplemented by internal directives on topics such as customer events, donations and sponsoring, and conduct when engaging consultants. These provide HOCHTIEF employees with clear guidance on how to address compliance-related issues of this kind.



HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct

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