Recruitment and personnel development

It is of utmost importance to HOCHTIEF to find welltrained employees, facilitate their smooth entry into the company, and cultivate their lasting loyalty to HOCHTIEF. We support young talents with many programs.

Some of HOCHTIEF’s recruiting activities

We engage directly with candidates at various schools, including college and university campuses, as well as trade fairs. Thanks to our valued university partnerships, we were able to collaborate closely with students and faculty. In 2016, too, we successfully participated in a variety of university fairs.

For many years now, Turner has worked intensively with selected U.S. universities, recruiting over 350 interns in 2016 as a result. Interns benefit from the opportunity to shadow experts in their daily work and gain practical experience. We in turn capitalize on the students’ presence, especially from the ideas generated as part of their bachelor’s and master’s theses.

In order to keep in touch with promising interns, we have created special programs. Through the Turner Bridge Internship Program, our subsidiary in the USA has already hired over 400 graduates in 2016. Similarly, Flatiron runs a successful intern retention program. And things are no different in Germany. We make extensive use of our intern retention program for recruitment purposes. More than one in two program participants started their careers as young talent with us.

With the Build-A-Bridge program, Flatiron offers school students the chance to learn about the career options available in the construction industry. Turner’s ACE Mentor and YouthForce 2020 programs fulfill a similar function. Furthermore, Turner also supports the U.S. Army’s Partnership for Youth Success, an initiative that helps young people who served in the military make the transition to a civilian career. For us, it is equally important to lend a helping hand to young people who have had a bumpy start to their working lives.