Focus area: Active climate and resource protection

SDG Climate protection


The business of HOCHTIEF has an impact on the natural environment – on soil, water, air, and biodiversity. To counteract this effect, we are developing a variety of measures to minimize the negative impact of our actions to the extent possible and to avoid environmental damage. Innovative measures in our project work contribute to saving and preserving natural resources and optimizing climate and resource protection.

In particular, large infrastructure projects and the mining business are impacting the environment and have an effect on local residents. To minimize the impact on residents and on the habitat of plants and animals, HOCHTIEF is already taking appropriate measures before starting its projects. Additionally, both in the transportation infrastructure segment and in building construction, we are increasingly realizing projects that meet the criteria of sustainability certificatation.

Overarching objective: We am to conserve natural resources and optimize the use of resources. We aim to reduce carbon emissions both independently and together with our clients and partners.

Our objective:

We aim to conserve natural resources and enhance resource protection. We work actively to save CO2 emissions ourselves and jointly with our clients and business partners.