Highway A 8

ClientFederal Republic of Germany
Contract typePublic Private Partnership (PPP)
ContractPlanning, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of a 58-kilometer section of the A8 highway in Germany between Ulm und Augsburg
Capital expenditureEUR 410 million
Contract period30 years (2011-2041)
Life span
ShareholdersSTRABAG Infrastrukturprojekt GmbH (100%)

Fewer traffic jams, lower emissions: The section of the A8 highway between Ulm and Augsburg has been made safer and more environmentally friendly. Today, the 58-kilometer section has six lanes. Highway users benefit—and so does the environment—because noise control and water protection have been optimized.

In 2011 HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions was contracted to plan, finance, partially upgrade, and operate a section of the A8. The PPP has an investment volume of EUR 410 million and will run for 30 years. The client of the PPP project is the Federal Republic of Germay.

PANSUEVIA Service GmbH & Co. KG operating company has been handling operations since October 1, 2011, for an initial period of ten years. The objective here is to ensure permanently risk-free usability of the concession route (A8 federal highway from Ulm-Elchingen to Augsburg West). As part of operations, this section is continuously monitored, and operational and structural maintenance provided.

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