DECON - Professional decontamination and decommissioning


In past decades, HOCHTIEF designed, built, and operated numerous nuclear power plants. This in-depth experience now makes us the right partner when it comes to their safe and innovative decommissioning. Services include concept, approval, and execution planning for decommissioning projects. We also coordinate and perform decommissioning work. All work is carried out by our own in-house team of highly knowledgeable professionals. HOCHTIEF Solutions in Germany draws on the expertise of over 150 employees approved under Paragraph 12b of the German Atomic Energy Act, who come from all walks of the construction profession.

In addition, we have developed our own products for decommissioning nuclear facilities and decontaminating surfaces. The DECON decontamination system can be used to treat virtually any surface. It ensures a high removal rate and surface quality as well as easy, dust-free handling. HOCHTIEF has been using this system successfully for years to remove concrete including decontamination coating as well as to remove brickwork and plaster. And it’s not just suitable for decommissioning purposes: With a special sanding procedure, DECON is also ideal for processing large concrete surfaces. It can be used to produce a fine finish, clean concrete efficiently with lasting results, and correct imperfections in formwork.

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