Moers city hall

ClientCity of Moers
Contract typePPP
ContractPlanning, financing, construction and operation of a city hall and educational center in Moers, Germany
Capital expenditureEUR 72.3 million
Contract period23 years 2010–2033 (educational center) / 2012–2035 (city hall)
ShareholdersHOCHTIEF ÖPP Projektgesellschaft mbH (100%)
ArchitectKohl: Fromme Architects, Duisburg/Essen
Gross floor spaceNew construction: approx.. 11.415 m² Old building: approx. 7.510 m²
Gross volumeNew construction: approx. 39.973 m³ Old building: approx. 22.297 m³

The City Hall and Educational Center Moers PPP project was completed three months ahead of schedule, not least thanks to the help of local and regional businesses. The complex, comprising a heritage landmark city hall and the new Hanns Dieter Husch Educational Center is an appealing attraction in the city center—as well as a solid property for the city, which is calculable in the long term. HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions not only planned, financed and built the complex, but will also operate the buildings until 2033 and 2035 respectively. Throughout the contract term, the city pays a fixed monthly usage fee, ensuring that the city has a firm basis for calculating its budget. The city was particularly pleased that HOCHTIEF was able to reduce the construction period by three months.

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