College graduates

Whether you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, HOCHTIEF can offer you a good start for your career. Set the right course for your future from the very beginning. Depending on their interests and qualifications, graduates of universities and technical colleges begin their careers at HOCHTIEF either as trainees or in entry-level positions.

Are you communicative, flexible, and interested in taking on new challenges? Excellent! That generally makes you a perfect fit for HOCHTIEF. As an international corporate group, we’re always looking for talented young professionals who are open to new cultures, enjoy working in a team, are looking for challenging projects, and speak English well. Does all of this sound like you? Then get in touch with us!

HOCHTIEF is building the future. Shape your own future now by sending us an application that will make us curious about you. Our Job Search pages list all the available positions and include the specific requirements for each job. If you can’t find a job that interests you, show us what you have to offer by submitting an unsolicited online application.

By the way, our subsidiaries in the USA and Australia have also established entry-level programs for graduates of universities and technical colleges. If you are interested, please apply directly with the companies concerned. You’ll find all the latest job openings for Turner, Flatiron and CIMIC in the Careers sections of their respective websites.

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„ Interns at HOCHTIEF are dealt with like temporary employees — in other words, they are fully integrated into the organization and included in all activities. “