Work-study programs

Plan your career entry early and choose the right path to get there: An impressive résumé begins long before graduation, which is why you should gain valuable practical experience while you’re still studying by joining HOCHTIEF as a work-study student. As an integral member of a project team or department, you’ll benefit in two ways: by receiving feedback on your skills and earning an attractive salary.

Are you interested? As a work-study student, you’ll also be able to decide on your weekly working hours together with HOCHTIEF. Work-study programs usually follow an internship, which means you can explore the possibilities for a work-study arrangement at HOCHTIEF while you’re still doing your internship. You’ll find available work-study positions posted on our Job Search pages.

Job search

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„ I always felt like a true member of the team during my internship. My team colleagues asked me about my personal interests and I was able to contribute my own ideas. “