Health management

Fit for the future: Your health and well-being are important to us. We want to create a working environment in which our employees are and remain healthy and in which the risks of workplace-related illness and work accidents—whether in the office or on the construction site—are kept to a minimum. In cooperation with professional associations or on the initiative of our unit for occupational safety and health and environmental protection, HOCHTIEF offers a variety of health management measures, depending on your company's location. In the following, you will find a cross-section of the measures we offer.

HOCHTIEF regularly stages an Occupational Safety Day, which is organized primarily by our team for occupational safety and health and environmental protection. This team works to optimize the Group's safety management processes and further reduce its accident figures. It works in close cooperation with the occupational safety officers of the international HOCHTIEF companies, which also enforce high standards of occupational safety. Our subsidiaries in North America, for example, participated in the U.S.-wide Safety Week. In Australia, the Simply Safe campaign was started. The expectation is for every employee to be responsible for his or her own safety and not to tolerate unsafe activities.
HOCHTIEF supports its employees' efforts to organize their working environment in a way that promotes good health. In addition to providing appropriate equipment, such as ergonomic desk chairs and protection from noise, HOCHTIEF also offers numerous health courses in its further education programs. HOCHTIEF implements its health-promoting measures not only in its offices but also on its construction sites.
In cooperation with the Department of Occupational Medicine (AMD) of the professional association of the construction industry, HOCHTIEF enables its employees to supplement their personal health maintenance with a comprehensive medical checkup. These voluntary checkups can identify health problems at an early stage, including those due to workplace pressures, and check risk factors for cardiovascular disease early on._
HOCHTIEF offers its skilled professionals and managers aged 40 and older the option of having a medical checkup every three years. Employees aged 50 and older can have such checkups at two-year intervals. The checkups are offered and performed in cooperation with a clinic. Our employees value this offer of HOCHTIEF and consider it to be a good possibility to do something for their health._
We attach particular importance to training and retraining our safety experts. In special seminars, they receive regular training to the latest standards in their field of expertise. Exchange—even across companies and national borders—is particularly important to us.

In addition, we offer our employees a varied program of health seminars. Health awareness in the workplace, improving fitness and preventing burn-out are subjects that are dealt with in the training sessions. These offers are very popular and meet with great interest from the employees.
The employee sports clubs at HOCHTIEF promote fitness and team spirit. Badminton, bowling, soccer, golf, gymnastics, squash, tennis, and volleyball—there's a long list of sports on offer. Depending on the individual company's location, there are many sports courses and training times.
Many HOCHTIEF employees drive company cars or commercial vehicles as part of their job. This is why HOCHTIEF regularly offers driver safety courses that teach their participants how to react correctly to dangerous traffic situations and thus drive more safely.

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