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East Bridge over the Great Belt

East Bridge over the Great Belt, 1991-1995

The bridge with a total span of 20 kilometers over the Great Belt is a construction project on a superlative scale. The Eastern Bridge is the heart of the crossing between the Danish islands of Funen and Zealand. With a free span of 1,624 meters and a clearance height of 65 meters, it is one of the longest, and also the most breathtaking suspension bridges in the world. In comparison: the height of the two pylons that extend 27 meters below and 254 meters above sea level almost equals that of the Eiffel Tower. At the start of the 90s, HOCHTIEF was the manager of a consortium responsible for the reinforced concrete structure. The work paid off: the ferry journey used to take drivers around two hours. With the bridge, the trip takes not even 15 minutes. It brought not only Denmark, but also Europe, a little closer together.