Events and awards

Top-Ten Ideas

Once a year, HOCHTIEF rewards the ten best ideas that were published in the Ideas Room. The selection is made according to a pre-determined process by a jury, consisting of the Executive Board, the team of Ideas Management and representatives of the Works Council. The winning idea receives a financial reward of 10,000 euros. The prizes are awards at the annual conference of Ideas Management.

Turner Innovation Summit

The Turner Innovation Summit is a conference, which brings together participants from inside and outside the company to share ideas, innovations, and best practices. The event features presentations, workshops, and hands-on training sessions led by Turner employees and industry leaders. Sessions focus on practical improvements, emerging technologies, and process solutions. Topics range for example from 3D printing, lean process improvement, and project collaboration to the application of advanced technologies for better project results in areas of cost, quality, and safety.

Outstanding innovations at Turner

U.S. subsidiary Turner presents the Construction Company Award for Innovation to teams or individuals, who have achieved notable success in projects by developing or implementing innovative ideas. Applications include suggestions for improving safety, sustainability, and knowledge transfer as well as financial, marketing, and other business processes. First place is rewarded with USD 10,000. In total, USD 50,000 is awarded.

Turner Prize for innovation in the construction industry

Another award recognizing the great value attached to innovation in the Group is the Henry C. Turner Prize for Innovation launched by Turner in 2002. Named after the founder of Turner Construction Company, the prize is awarded annually by Turner and the National Building Museum in Washington to people or organizations for outstanding contributions or innovations in the construction industry.