Ethical principles are a cornerstone to business activities of the HOCHTIEF Group.

As a globally operating Group, HOCHTIEF respects regional laws, regulations, and local business practices. At the same time, HOCHTIEF adheres strictly to its high management standards and its self-chosen ethical principles.

Our ethical principles for procurement are outlined in HOCHTIEF's Procurement Directive. This directive describes the key values, responsibilities and rules of conduct for all HOCHTIEF employees involved in the procurement process. It complements the HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct, which defines the general principles of ethical behavior within our Group.

HOCHTIEF also requires its subcontractors and suppliers to follow high ethical standards. HOCHTIEF cooperates only with partners who meet these standards and likewise require and enable their suppliers and subcontractors to follow them. Those principles are defined in our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

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