In 2017, HOCHTIEF spent EUR 16.2 billion on the procurement of materials and subcontractor services.

Favorable purchasing terms are just one essential element of successful procurement. HOCHTIEF focuses increasingly on optimizing procurement processes, ensuring effective procurement management, strategic supplier selection as well as bundling of demands on a Group-wide basis – with the objective to take advantage of synergies in its global procurement network.

HOCHTIEF has adapted its organizational structure to meet the needs of dynamic internationalization and the intensified expansion of construction-related services. Therefore, the Group's procurement activities extend to all major markets worldwide via our global network.

From within the Corporate Headquarters topics like governance, compliance and utilization of Group synergies are being developed and implemented in close cooperation with HOCHTIEF's Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe divisions.

Generally, purchasing at HOCHTIEF is structured in a decentralized way in purchasing units, following the divisional structure.

At the HOCHTIEF Americas division, the Purchasing department of Turner Construction and the Purchasing department of Flatiron and E.E. Cruz and Company are responsible for procurement. Turner Logistics supports Turner Construction and other internal and external clients through supply chain management solutions for mechanical, electrical, and medical equipment as well as architectural products.

The HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific division is represented by

At the HOCHTIEF Europe division , Purchasing Management of HOCHTIEF Solutions AG is responsible for procuring subcontractor services and building materials. HOCHTIEF Solutions offers its clients complete and integrated services from development and planning, construction and control to comprehensive facility, property and energy management services.

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