In 1873, the Gebrüder Helfmann have founded a small construction business - and hoped for long-term success. 2013, HOCHTIEF celebrates its 140 anniversary. Many remarkable projects around the world bear witness to the creativity of the company. Two turn of the century, HOCHTIEF has designed living spaces, built spectacular landmarks and provided technical excellence. We have placed the Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt, on the Bosphorus from Europe and Asia with a bridge, influenced the Frankfurt skyline, measure the width of Australia by rail and road, and with built the tunnel through the Gotthard.

Today, HOCHTIEF is a publicly traded, global and leading international construction company with headquarters in Essen.

140 Jahre HOCHTIEF

Just because is HOCHTIEF repeatedly considered, but at the same time not has spared changes on its core competence construction, the company could survive difficult times.

HOCHTIEF was always flexible and changeable. We find solutions to the challenges of our time and create the infrastructure for modern societies. While HOCHTIEF is committed always the tradition. There are things that never makes the company even in times of great challenges to the disposition, forward all our adult competence. Tradition can be quite modern.

140 years HOCHTIEF

HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft 2013