New major projects in Mongolia for more than EUR 326 million Essen
Coal mine contract extended - production rate to be doubled - construction of a railway line including maintenance
The HOCHTIEF subsidiary has been awarded two major contracts for a combined total of more than EUR 326 million through its Leighton Asia investment: A coal mining contract running to 2015 has been extended at the Ukhaa-Khudag mine in southern Mongolia. The additional order volume amounts to EUR 119 million (AUD 195 million). Leighton Asia will also build a 225-kilometer railway line through the Gobi Desert to transport the coal. This contract is worth EUR 207 million (AUD 338 million).

Leighton Asia has been operating as a contract miner at the Mongolian mine since 2009. To date, it has had an annual output of around 2.5 million tonnes of the commodity. In future, the production rate will be ramped up to 5 million tonnes per year. On the new railway line, Leighton Asia will be handling the earthworks, laying the tracks and building depots, workshops and administrative offices. Work will begin before the end of this year and is expected to be completed in 2011. The company will also be responsible for the line’s maintenance for a period of four years. 

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