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Issue 01/2019: About the art of building an airport

Visit concepts on the Internet and go on an exciting project tour there. The digital edition of “concepts by HOCHTIEF” is available at It includes all magazine topics and additional exclusive contents. For example: HOCHTIEF rescues the Abu Simbel temples—how the company managed to rescue the Egyptian tombs from the floods of the Aswan Dam in the mid-1960s.

In some cases, project delivery is like open-heart surgery. One such case is airport construction. Growing passenger numbers and increasingly stringent standards of safety and comfort are leading to impressive expansion and modernization projects. The implementation of these projects during ongoing airport operation poses huge challenges for planners and construction companies. How does HOCHTIEF master this megatask worldwide?

In New York, you can soon admire hanging gardens wrapped in a green spiral around the building all the way to the top of the more than 300-meter-high skyscraper “The Spiral”. The high-rise is being constructed by HOCHTIEF’s subsidiary Turner. The new proximity of nature in and on buildings is not an isolated phenomenon. Cities and buildings are radically changing. This development is due to the impacts of climate change that place issues such as sustainability and resource protection at center stage worldwide. Read the magazine to learn how HOCHTIEF and its partners dare more nature and thus develop new well-being standards.

Every building has its own history. During the conversion of the former GDR’s Ministry of the Interior into the future Federal Ministry of Health, the site’s history is clearly evident at every turn. See concepts to learn about the many fascinating secrets the heritage-status complex is also revealing.

Anyone who builds a lot needs massive amounts of material and lots of skilled workers. And the inputs for both are becoming not only scarce but also expensive. Rising construction costs are putting pressure on clients and the construction industry alike. Why construction is becoming more expensive and which measures HOCHTIEF takes to ensure that it can stay within the contract price when delivering projects in the long term is also reported in the new issue.

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