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The latest issue of concepts by HOCHTIEF, the company's multi-award-winning client magazine, is once again available online on the Internet. As in the past, you can comfortably go through the virtual pages by mouse click. The entire content is available and an intuitive zoom function makes it as easy to read the text as it is to read the magazine itself. Navigation is easy and can be learned quickly.

concepts online offers even more as well: Occasionally some high-quality photographs and original quotes that couldn't be printed in the magazine because there wasn't enough space can be found here. As usual the latest edition contains exciting and informative features from locations all over the world.

The features and reports in the latest issue of concepts once again focus on the HOCHTIEF Group’s extensive service and product palette—and readers will be astonished. Could you have imagined, for example, that a HOCHTIEF employee also works closely with sheep in his job? The Manager of the Munich branch of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure Building does just that. He is a hobby farmer and has been breeding sheep for 30 years. So he knows how to reconcile the cultural differences between town and country—on the greened roof of an office building in the heart of the Munich metropolis, for instance.

From one major German city we go straight to another: “Hotspot Berlin” is the title of our feature that invites you to take a stroll along the city’s former dividing borders and see the contrasts that still exist in the metropolis. In this city, where the economy is growing and tourism booming, HOCHTIEF’s signature is evident in many places, and the company has played a major part in shaping the urban landscape—be it the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz, the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz, the Berlin City Palace, or the extension of the A 100 highway to the west of the city. The once-divided city is now being transformed into a one huge, single entity, using a repeated mix of the traditional and the modern.

From city to highway—and that is where the dilemma, or rather the traffic jam, starts. Many highways are now getting on in years or can no longer cope with the volume of traffic, so they are being refurbished and widened. The result is construction sites that extend across the country like a string of pearls. Traffic planners and site managers try their best, however, to soothe motorists’ nerves and take the concerns of local residents into consideration. Find out in concepts why better construction sites mean fewer traffic jams, and how transportation and communication ideas can minimize conflicts around major construction sites.

At the same time, concepts approaches this topic from a purely scientific point of view, speaking to the “traffic jam professor” Michael Schreckenberg from the University of Duisburg-Essen. In an interview he outlines the current challenges and better construction site strategies. Summing up in advance, he says: “Information is the most important thing for road users.”

It is not only the motorists who are stress-tested in this issue, but also rock-hard concrete. At a test facility in Mörfelden-Walldorf, HOCHTIEF experts are mixing new formulations for special concretes and then exposing them to factors such as fire, drops, or abrupt changes of temperature. All of this helps to make the material safer, more resilient, and more efficient.

As we all know, there is a constantly growing demand for green buildings and sustainable-built infrastructure worldwide. For the companies of the HOCHTIEF Group, however, this is no longer a trend but has long since been its core business, for which sustainability is the number one priority. concepts presents a real-life example: the expansion of the “Nordex Forum” in Hamburg, the administrative headquarters of a Hamburg wind turbine manufacture.

Get ready for an exciting project voyage! We hope you enjoy reading the new issue.


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