HOCHTIEF worlds on the Internet: concepts relies on bits and pixels

The latest issue of concepts by HOCHTIEF, the company's multi-award-winning client magazine, is once again available online on the Internet. As in the past, you can comfortably go through the virtual pages by mouse click. The entire content is available and an intuitive zoom function makes it as easy to read the text as it is to read the magazine itself. Navigation is easy and can be learned quickly.

concepts online offers even more as well: Occasionally some high-quality photographs and original quotes that couldn't be printed in the magazine because there wasn't enough space can be found here. As usual the latest edition contains exciting and informative features from locations all over the world.

The latest edition of concepts is a very special magazine given that, in addition to exciting reportage, reports and stories from the HOCHTIEF Group, it also contains an inauguration special on what is probably the most complex structure ever built by HOCHTIEF: the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg. HOCHTIEF has to have the building completely finished by October 31, 2016. The people of Hamburg should then be able to see their new landmark for themselves as early as the first weekend in November, and walk around the 37-meter-high plaza. The NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra under principal conductor Thomas Hengelbrock will perform the official inauguration concert on January 11, 2017—in one of the world’s most innovative acoustic spaces.

You can get a sneak preview of the Elbphilharmonie now with concepts. Get to know the HOCHTIEF experts who share their personal design and construction experiences. You’ll be amazed when you discover that, at this acoustic miracle with an adjoining residential section and hotel, countless unique features were installed, and standard solutions were out of the question. Speaking to concepts, Hamburg’s Mayor Olaf Scholz said that because of the “Elphi”—as it is fondly known by the locals—“Hamburg will be seen in an entirely different light internationally.”

In its latest issue concepts also goes to extremes with regard to technology, asking whether the sky really is the limit. It looks at skyscrapers such as the 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa, built by US subsidiary Turner Construction in Dubai. How can one build so high? Can such extreme buildings really even stand up to the forces of nature?

But concepts doesn’t only take you to spectacular construction sites, it also visits the auditoriums of illustrious universities—because the know-how of HOCHTIEF experts is in great demand in the areas of research and teaching. HOCHTIEF employees are constantly being appointed to conduct research at universities and share their knowledge with the next generation.

Would you have guessed that archaeological finds on construction sites are part of everyday life in many places? But what happens if the construction lot is suddenly a historical landmark? How can conflicts be constructively resolved in such cases? concepts reports on some real-life examples.

Get ready for an exciting project voyage! We hope you enjoy reading the new issue.


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