HOCHTIEF worlds on the Internet: concepts relies on bits and pixels

The latest issue of concepts by HOCHTIEF, the company's multi-award-winning client magazine, is once again available online on the Internet. As in the past, you can comfortably go through the virtual pages by mouse click. The entire content is available and an intuitive zoom function makes it as easy to read the text as it is to read the magazine itself. Navigation is easy and can be learned quickly.

concepts online offers even more as well: Occasionally some high-quality photographs and original quotes that couldn't be printed in the magazine because there wasn't enough space can be found here. As usual the latest edition contains exciting and informative features from locations all over the world.

The new issue of concepts demonstrates once more that HOCHTIEF is a global company —a fact that becomes very clear in the two longest articles in the magazine. For example, the two CEOs of HOCHTIEF's subsidiaries in North America—Turner and Flatiron—talk about the characteristics of the U.S. market. They also discuss some of the steps they are taking to encourage innovation, drive efficiency, and add client value as they grow their respective companies.

In the article about CIMIC subsidiary Thiess, you can read how the company is "moving the earth." The world's largest mining services provider is operating across almost every continent. Thiess' expertise spans most of the world's commodities including metallurgical and thermal coal, iron ore, nickel, copper, and gold. Operations are almost always carried out under challenging conditions.

Things are not always easy for the barge crews on the Moselle River either. Their daily work life is shaped by narrow locks, long waiting times, and tourist steamships with an automatic right of way. Read concepts to learn why the river traffic is expected to flow more smoothly soon. The new lock chamber in Trier—a HOCHTIEF project—is regarded as a key component of this plan.

In Hamburg, HOCHTIEF managed a true precision landing: 36 meters below ground in the Hanseatic city, the company constructed a tunnel system for the X-ray laser XFEL. A project that is second to none worldwide and will enable scientists to carry out revolutionary research.

Get ready for an exciting project voyage! We hope you enjoy reading the new issue.


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