Transportation infrastructure

Increasingly mobile societies need increasingly sophisticated and efficient transportation concepts with appropriate infrastructure. This includes roads, bridges and tunnels as much as sea ports, rail lines and airports. HOCHTIEF has great expertise here in the global market. In Europe, we are among the renowned providers of complex infrastructure projects. In Australia, our subsidiary CIMIC is a leading player, while our subsidiary Flatiron with its civil engineering know-how specializes in the same field in the USA.

HOCHTIEF supports transportation projects far beyond the construction phase. We also plan, develop and operate an increasing number of infrastructure projects. Clients benefit here from innovative proposals and our end-to-end consideration of the project–it ensures that use and mainenance are already taken into account in the planning phase.

To avoid, say, congestion and disruptions to the greatest extent possible, HOCHTIEF consistently refines the traffic control systems used in its own PPP projects. Our subsidiaries Flatiron and CIMIC have also already been involved in implementing successful transportation infrastructure projects handled in public-private partnerships.

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More project examples
Here you'll find some examples for safe, forward-thinking transportation routes by HOCHTIEF: