The HOCHTIEF whistleblower system

All HOCHTIEF divisions have whistleblower systems that employees can use to report any irregularities which they are unwilling or unable to raise with their superiors. We call upon all employees to report compliance violations. Hotlines and email addresses are available for this purpose. The information reported goes to compliance officers or Corporate Compliance. To ensure that whistleblowers are protected, all information is treated in confidence. If they wish, whistleblowers can remain anonymous from the outset.

HOCHTIEF has set up an external and an internal whistle blowing hotline for employees and third parties, clients and subcontractors, for example to bring attention to compliance issues confidentially. The internal hotline puts callers in contact with a member of the Corporate Compliance team. Using the external hotline, callers can speak to an independent lawyer specialized in criminal law.

Compliance investigations are launched on an ad-hoc basis wherever violations of compliance rules are suspected. Such investigations are set in motion at the investigation of Compliance and carried out either by Compliance itself or by the internal audit team.

  • Internal Hotline Tel.: +49 201 824-2222
  • External Hotline
    Tel.: 0800 8862525 (calls from within Germany, free of charge)
    Tel.: +49 30 88625254 (calls from other countries)
  • E-mail address



HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct

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