Green building—of substance throughout the world

When developing building and infrastructure projects, we set economical and, as well, high ecological and social standards.

Platinum certificate of DGNB awarded to HOCHTIEF project

At the real estate fair Expo Real, the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) now awarded Platinum certification to honor HOCHTIEF Building's outstanding performance during construction of the "Zentrale Düsseldorf Airport" office building.

DGNB thus also honored the excellent cooperation of HOCHTIEF with client LAROBA and architectural firm sop. HOCHTIEF Engineering Consult Building handled the DGNB certification.

The building has the highest total degree of completion (86.9%) of all buildings that ever received DGNB certification in Düsseldorf. In all, the DGNB has certified 1,000 buildings worldwide to date. With its high degree of completion, "Zentrale Düsseldorf Airport" is among the DGNB top 20. HOCHTIEF Building completed the works on the EUR 35 million project in 2015.

Exporeal 2015


Exporeal 2015
Social and urban infrastructure: Sustainable buildings

Green buildings are attractive and efficient. They are of an above-average ecological standard, are gentle on the environment, and they conserve energy. At the same time, green building increases profit, reduces operating costs, and enhances letting potential. Users benefit from a positive environment in which to live and work.

Certificates, e.g. LEED, DGNB, or 5 Star, give evidence for green built projects. The Green Building Market Barometer, for example, shows the increasing interest in sustainable buildings and facilities all over the world. This analysis is published every two years by HOCHTIEF’s U.S. subsidiary Turner.

Sustainable transport infrastructure

In the area of transport infrastructure, when building road and rail projects, bridges and tunnels, sustainable construction becomes more and more important. Existing parts of the road have to be recycled, endangered species have to be relocated, and we put emphasis on efficient operation systems. In the recent past, certification systems similar to the building sector have been developed, e.g. Greenroads, ISCA, and CEEQUAL.

HOCHTIEF, as one of the world’s most relevant building and infrastructure construction groups, is involved in the development, construction and operation of numerous sustainably designed buildings and transport projects around the world, and has been helping to shape green building for many years, as evidenced by our global reference projects.



Green building and infrastructural projects quality seals

HOCHTIEF actively engages on green building and realizes properties that qualify for various quality seals and certificates for sustainable construction.

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Key figures Green Building

Key figures Green Building