Responsibility by conviction

As one of the world’s most relevant building and infrastructure construction groups, HOCHTIEF acts on its responsibility toward society and the environment (Corporate Responsibility, CR). Drawing on its expertise, HOCHTIEF will help to master the challenges modern societies face—now and in the future. Our activities as a global construction group have an impact on people and nature alike. We aim to manage this impact in order to maximize the benefits for society and the environment while keeping the burdens to a minimum. Our sustainable action is based on HOCHTIEF’s CR strategy, in our values, vision, and guiding principles.

HOCHTIEF promotes "European Green Capital"

In 2017, Essen bears the title "European Green Capital." HOCHTIEF has close links with the region and promotes this project—located in the city of the Group's headquarters—as sustainability is part of our corporate strategy. The European Green Capital was honored for its high environmental standards. With numerous activities and events, Essen this year underlines the significance of environmental awareness and nature protection in the city. HOCHTIEF wishes the project and all participants sustainable success!


European Green Capital


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Area 6: Corporate citizenship


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Interview with Nikolaus Graf von Matuschka, Member of the Executive Board

Nikolaus Graf von Matuschka, Member of the Executive Board “Sustainable practice means preserving values, creating values, and increasing values”