Extravagant and ecological: At the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, even the salmon profit. © Benjamin Benscheider

High-tech makes buildings green

Green roofs, the sun or geothermal heat as energy sources, and ventilation systems combined with ecological materials—green buildings are not only high-tech, but also good for the environment.

Building green means protecting nature. After all, green buildings consume up to 90 percent less energy than traditionally built ones. How this works? We use recycled and regional materials as well as de-installable structures, and install power-saving LED lights. On the roofs, we use photovoltaic panels for power generation, and solar thermal energy for heat generation. The goal is to protect the environment to the greatest possible extent already during construction. Once completed, the buildings are planned to use a minimum of energy during operation in order to keep the impact on nature low. It's an approach that pays off—among others, in the form of lower energy costs.

HOCHTIEF delivers green buildings worldwide, for a total of EUR 7 billion in 2015 alone. In the USA, our Group company Turner has been the leader in sustainable construction for many years. More than 500 of the buildings constructed by Turner have received LEED certification.

"HOCHTIEF is a pioneer of sustainability in the construction industry", says Christian Kemper. The sustainable construction expert proudly explains: "Delivering green buildings means we can build safe, functional structures by using regenerative, innovative and future-proof technologies. During planning and construction, we take care that resources are employed efficiently and that sustainably produced and environmentally friendly materials are used. In this way, the environment and nature are protected and the properties' occupants and users live and work in healthy buildings while enjoying a high level of comfort."

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