Segment index

Be it transportation, energy, social or urban infrastructure or the mining business—this is where you will find references broken down into market segments such as bridges, roads, tunnels, renewable energies and grid expansion, or educational facilities, office buildings and residential real estate.

Energy infrastructure

City East Cable Tunnel

City East Cable Tunnel • Sydney, NSW • Australia

RVSA wastewater treatment plant

RVSA wastewater treatment plant • Rahway, NJ • USA

Ruskin Dam

Ruskin Dam • Ruskin, BC • Canada

Queensland Curtis LNG

Queensland Curtis LNG • Surat Basin, NSW • Australia

Transportation infrastructure

Langenfeld Bridge

Langenfeld Bridge • Hamburg • Germany

Twin Sails Bridge

Twin Sails Bridge • Poole • United Kingdom

Rethe bascule bridge

Rethe bascule bridge • Hamburg • Germany

Ngqura deepwater harbor

Ngqura deepwater harbor • Port Elisabeth • South Africa

Social and urban infrastructure

TD Bank

TD Bank • Fort Lauderdale, FL • USA

555 Mission Street

555 Mission Street • San Francisco, CA • USA

HQ Development

HQ Development • Brisbane, QLD • Australia

VietinBank Tower

VietinBank Tower • Hanoi • Vietnam

Mining business

Hunter River Remediation Project

Hunter River Remediation Project • Newcastle, NSW • Australia

Cosmo Deep Gold Mine

Cosmo Deep Gold Mine • Humpty Doo, NT • Australia

Burton Coal Mine

Burton Coal Mine • Bowen Basin, QLD • Australia