Highway A4

CompletionFederal Republic of Germany
Contract typePublic Private Partnership (PPP)
ContractPlanning, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of a 45-kilometer section of the A4 highway in Germany between the Hessian-Thuringian border and Gotha
Capital expenditureEUR 258.5 million
Contract period30 years (2007-2037)
ShareholdersMeridiam (50 %), Vinci Concessions (50 %)

Thanks to PPP it was possible to open the Horselberge Bypass one year earlier than originally planned. Since then, users of the A4 can reach their destination in a more relaxed and cost-effective way. The city of Eisenach is relieved of traffic—and nature benefits as well. In October 2007 a concession company in which HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions initially had a 50 percent shareholding was awarded the contract by the Federal Republic of Germany for the planning, financing, partial construction and 30-year operation of a roughly 45-kilometer section of the A4 between the Hessian-Thuringian state border and Gotha junction.

In addition to the bid design and the detailed design for four composite steel bridges, the design services provided by our Engineering unit also included all design aspects and necessary temporary works for a 445-meter-long prestressed concrete bridge which was built by using the incremental launching method.

The public-private partnership project (PPP) has an investment volume of EUR 258.5 million. The concession company will retain responsibility for the route until 2037.

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