Bachelor’s and master’s theses

Are you getting ready to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis? This is where your scientific curiosity will come into play. HOCHTIEF will be happy to help, as we support students every year in the final stage of their studies. If you choose a thesis topic with a practice-related aspect, we look forward to hearing your suggestions. Give us a clear picture of your special interests and the subjects you have in mind, as well as the benefit your thesis will have for HOCHTIEF. The more transparently and precisely you describe your ideas, the greater the chances you will write your thesis with HOCHTIEF.

Working with an internationally operating corporate group is certain to help your future career prospects. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Please note, however, that we recommend completing an internship at HOCHTIEF before beginning your thesis, as this will allow you to become acquainted with both the Group’s structure and important contact partners.

Seize the opportunity and send us an application by completing our online application form which you can find on our Job Search pages.

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„ As a globally operating company with a huge range of development opportunities, HOCHTIEF offered me an outstanding start to my professional career. “