Differences and diversity

The world of HOCHTIEF is diverse. The people who work for HOCHTIEF are different in terms of their gender, age, ethnic origins, religion, worldview, and sexual orientation. We believe this diversity is a key factor of our success. That's because every talent, every working method, and every intercultural experience has a positive influence on project work and contributes to a good corporate culture.

In order to indicate its support for greater equality of opportunity, HOCHTIEF has signed the Diversity Charter. This is a declaration of intent that was initiated by the German government in order to promote and appreciate social differences.

In the USA, Turner takes particular care to employ people from various ethnic backgrounds and promotes women, for example through the “Leading Woman” initiative or the “Society of Woman Engineers”. In Australia, there also are a number of initiatives for women in the construction and mining business. Moreover, students with an indigenous background are introduced to engineering professions—a good opportunity for many talented and committed young people.

HOCHTIEF values diversity and puts this belief into practice. Why? Simply because an industrial group like HOCHTIEF, which operates in many different countries, benefits from individual talents and abilities. Taken as a whole, this diversity enhances HOCHTIEF's innovative strength and thus its business success.

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