The HOCHTIEF Group is divided into a management holding company and three divisions. The holding company consists of the Executive Board and the corporate departments. It focuses on the management, operation, and strategic further development of the Group.

In the following sections you'll find out more about the individual divisions' areas of activity. Information about current job openings is available on our Job Search pages.

Construction engineers, supply engineers, architects, business administrators or industrial engineers, industrial clerks or IT specialists—HOCHTIEF is looking for employees with a variety of professional qualifications.

The HOCHTIEF Europe division pools HOCHTIEF's core business in Europe and in selected regions worldwide.

The management company HOCHTIEF Solutions AG plans, develops, constructs, services, and manages real estate properties and infrastructure facilities, also in the form of concession and operator projects in public-private partnerships (PPP). The company focuses on profitable growth-markets and offers complex solutions from a single source.

The crucial factors in all of these operations are the skills and experience of our employees.

As a HOCHTIEF employee, you work in a global network, because our companies operate all over the world. The HOCHTIEF Americas division combines business activities in the USA and Canada.

Through its subsidiary Turner, HOCHTIEF is the market leader for building construction in these countries and enjoys great success in the market segments for educational, healthcare, and commercial properties, as well as green building (sustainable construction). Together with its subsidiary, the construction company Clark Builders, Turner is expanding its activities in the Canadian economic region. In line with its slogan "Ready to build your future," Turner is continually looking for well-qualified employees.

The Flatiron civil engineering company has been rounding out HOCHTIEF's operations in North America since 2007. Flatiron operates in the USA and Canada, and is one of the ten most important construction companies for transportation infrastructure in the USA. E.E. Cruz and Company, which specializes in civil engineering projects in the metropolitan New York area, has also been part of the HOCHTIEF Group since 2010.

HOCHTIEF owns a majority of shares in the CIMIC corporate group in Australia. Its range of services includes building and infrastructure construction, raw material exploitation and concessions, project development as well as maintenance and services.

Through its operational units CPB Contractors, Thiess, and Pacific Partnerships in Australia, Leighton Asia, India and Offshore as well as the Habtoor Leighton Group in the Gulf region, CIMIC covers the entire value chain of construction.

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