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Work and leisure—the trick is to achieve a good balance between the two. One important factor in employees' satisfaction and productivity is their ability to harmonize work and private life. Work-life balance is of increasingly great significance for many people. HOCHTIEF has initiated measures for its employees to account for this development.

Flexibility is more important today than ever before. HOCHTIEF offers its employees individualized worktime models—for example, telework in Germany. For example, individualized part-time arrangements can be agreed that help to better coordinate professional and private-life necessities such as observance of childcare facilities’ opening hours. Another option is to shift the workplace to the home environment—ideally by way of alternating telework—in sync with operational requirements and possibilities and in agreement with the line manager in charge.

The general rules regarding working times differ according to the work unit. They range from various flextime models to traditional time tracking and trust-based working times. Flextime and flexible breaks thus enable the employees to free up time for private-life activities.
Children are our future. HOCHTIEF supports its employees who choose the option of parental leave. We also use individually coordinated measures to make it easier for employees to return to work after their parental leave, and we offer them flexible worktime models.
HOCHTIEF engages in the community in a variety of ways. Have a look which projects were supported by HOCHTIEF—in particular with the help of our employees. Our employees also engage themselves in community projects in their spare time and receive financial support for this by HOCHTIEF in individual cases._

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„ I really appreciate how HOCHTIEF and especially my supervisors have enabled me to adapt my working hours flexibly, depending on my family's needs. “