Development opportunities

The professional and personal qualifications of our employees have always been key factors in HOCHTIEF's success. We promote advanced training for our employees in order to enhance their existing strengths and unleash their potential. Our human resources strategy is based on knowledge transfer and cooperation within the Group.

HOCHTIEF has established various development tools that complement one another perfectly and build on one another. These tools are available to all of our employees, ranging from trainees to specialized personnel and top managers.

In Germany we pool our advanced training under the umbrella of the HOCHTIEF Academy. Our international subsidiaries and associated companies also set great store by training programs for their employees, and they have established their own institutions for this purpose, such as Flatiron Construction University and Turner University.
A key human resources development tool is the Annual Appraisal Interview, which is conducted as a dialog between a supervisor and an employee in a spirit of partnership. It offers both parties the opportunity to reflect on the work done in the previous year and to plan future tasks, challenges, and development goals in a targeted manner.
Every year the Group determines its employees' overall need for advanced training and publishes a seminar catalog on this basis. Depending on the employees' needs and interests, it offers training courses that improve communication skills, foreign language competence, presentation techniques or negotiation skills. Experts teach specialized technical skills in the areas of construction physics, facade technology, occupational safety, fire safety, and environmental protection. Fundamentals of business management and labor law are included in the comprehensive program of advanced training. Online courses are also a permanent element of our advanced training offer._
In addition to the traditional manager career, HOCHTIEF has also established a career trajectory for expert personnel in the last few years. HOCHTIEF thus offers interesting opportunities for advancement to skilled personnel with specialized knowledge who do not bear any personnel management responsibilities. By the way: Switching between a manager and expert career is always possible again._
All HOCHTIEF companies offer development programs for their managers. Events designed especially for managers increase networking and knowledge transfer within the Group and strengthen the participants' commitment to the HOCHTIEF Group as a whole. These events for professionals offer managers the opportunity to discuss their ideas and strategies within a group of fellow experts.

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„ I really appreciate how HOCHTIEF and especially my supervisors have enabled me to adapt my working hours flexibly, depending on my family's needs. “